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Learning Communities are a vehicle for missional Anglican leaders to share and practice innovative ideas and methods. These Communities create a safe place to share ideas and missional strategies on a local level, as well as continue conversations started at the annual Intersection Conferences. Participants will collaborate on new insights, resources and inspiration for making disciples in 21st century culture.

Church-Based Learning Communities

Each Telos Collective leader will be asked to host a periodic Church-Based Learning Community in his or her area. These Communities will draw together a diverse group of 5 to 10 lay people, both Anglican and non-Anglican, to listen to one another and take an intellectual journey together toward mission in contemporary culture. These Learning Communities can meet in homes, coffee shops, or just about anywhere. Members might read a missional book, do peer-based coaching or simply meet to talk and ask questions. Leaders will foster an honest, life-giving environment where people feel safe to share and are emboldened to creatively make disciples in their own spheres of influence.

Clergy-Based Learning Communities

Bishops and rectors will be invited to host or participate in a Clergy-Based Learning Community for groups of 5 to 10 clergy or leaders in their region. These individuals will meet together a few times a year to discuss their unique missional contexts and what they are learning on the ground.

Affinity-Based Learning Communities

These Communities meet around a common affinity or domain of interest. They can bring people together from different locales or contexts who are pursuing the same goal.

Interested in starting a Learning Community in your context or around a common theme/domain with others that you know?  Download our Learning Community Guide below, and email Ryan to start the process!

Download the Learning Community Guide