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As Foley Beach stepped into his role as Archbishop of The Anglican Church in North America, he was burdened for a culture that, by and large, has turned away from church. His desire was to mobilize the Anglican church to be part of the solution—to be on mission in contemporary culture.

Secularism is now the default position of most young people.

Through conversations with bishops and advisors, he decided to commission a new task force to catalyze a theologically faithful and contextually compatible response to this new spiritual terrain. The result is The Telos Collective: Anglicans at the Intersection of Gospel and Culture. He appointed a thought leader in missional Anglicanism, Bishop Todd Hunter of the Diocese of Churches for the Sake of Others, to lead this exciting venture over the next five years.

The Telos Collective is now assembling a small, strategic alliance of the best missional minds in the Anglican Church in North America. Together, these leaders will generate ideas and discussion. They will find and move with the movers—the already Spirit-motivated—as they in turn draw others. The Telos Collective will come alongside churches and leaders to help them implement key ideas. It will also give churches new, incremental, non-guilt-producing measurements for making disciples of contemporary North Americans.

The de-churched are now the fastest-growing group in American religion.

To recruit Anglican leaders deeply passionate about mission, Bishop Hunter is asking leaders from every diocese in the province to ask themselves: Am I called to be a change agent in today’s world? Do I want to journey with others who are learning to employ liturgy for mission—for evangelism and discipleship? If the answer is yes, Bishop Hunter invites them to apply to join the Telos Collective. These men and women will come together at the annual Intersection Conference—an intensive “missional incubator” for leaders—to receive specialized training. They will sharpen one another, share insights and develop cutting-edge strategies for contextualizing and sharing the gospel in North America.

After being nurtured and trained, these leaders will return to their churches and communities and begin Learning Communities. Learning Communities are a vehicle for gathering a group of lay people or clergy to participate in a guided discussion about mission in contemporary culture. Throughout the year, The Telos Collective will also provide their leaders with missional leadership coaching and resources.

One-fifth of the U.S. public – and a third of adults under 30 – are religiously unaffiliated today, the highest percentages ever in Pew Research Center polling.

As a whole, the Telos Collective will work synergistically with dioceses and existing ministries to make a positive impact on the Anglican Church in North America and the entire mainline denominational world. We will build on the impact of previous ventures like Anglican 1000, which helped to shape a new culture and give new language and metrics to the Anglican Church in North America. The Telos Collective seeks to renew the Anglican church with the confidence and tools it needs to turn outward—to be re-missioned and re-sent into the world to joyfully make disciples.