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Become the kind of leader your world needs.

The Telos Collective is excited to introduce a coaching program for Anglican leaders who want to effectively engage post-Christian culture.

You might need a coach if ….

  • Cultural engagement is brand-new to you, and you need a guide and conversation partner.

  • You’ve been trained to manage programs and get results, but you need help developing the awareness and capacity for missional leadership.

  • You lead a church that fears or dislikes culture, and you need leadership help to reshape those attitudes.

  • You wonder about incarnating the liturgy in your context.

We are partnering with Gravity Leadership to provide three coaching formats for participants in the Telos Collective. Which one is right for you?

What practical difference does “missional” make in our day-to-day ministries? That’s exactly what we coach Anglican leaders for: distinctly missional leadership, and here’s what we mean by that: God himself is actively on mission in the world… and so our leadership must be rooted in active, practical discernment of and participation in what God is doing on mission. This is what Jesus was “good at” and what he trained his disciples to do.

The result was that the ministry of Jesus and the early church wasn’t just done for God, it was done with God, in active, ongoing participation in his presence, and thus facilitated true, deep transformation in people, families, cities, and cultures. The world was turned upside down.

But today, most Christian leaders have only been trained to manage programs, lead worship services, and generally “make things happen.” But to lead like Jesus, to lead in sacramental participation with the mission of God, we need to be trained to order our lives and churches in new ways.

Missional leadership involves a distinctly different awareness and capacity, so in our coaching we train leaders in Jesus’ way of missional leadership: the paradigm, posture, and practices that enabled him to “do only what he sees his Father doing” (John 5:19).

During your individual coaching, you will learn:

  • A portable missional theology to inhabit the world in the way of Jesus
  • How to navigate our relationships and responsibilities in grace and truth (how to love as Jesus loved)
  • How to discern and transform desire in our discipleship efforts, integrating our hearts with our “head” (beliefs) and “hands” (behavior)
  • Training in awareness of God’s activity and how to discern the Kingdom of God in everyday situations
  • How to proclaim good news to yourself and others that opens up space for the transforming work of the Holy Spirit.
  • Real-time coaching on how to reproduce what you receive, to begin shifting the culture of your church toward mission
  • Monthly Learning Labs on strategies and tactics for practical implementation

How it works:

  • For 10 months, you participate in a weekly 75-minute video call with up to 6 other leaders and a coach for training, coaching, and processing.
  • You also get access to monthly Learning Labs, live online collaborative learning environments where we discuss what we’re learning right now about the practicalities of implementation and on-the-ground practice.
  • $175 / month x 10 months or $1500

We work with Anglican churches to make the shift from the “static/institutional” mindset of Christendom to the “adaptive/missional” mindset needed to effectively join God in his mission today.

Consultations are all bespoke, which means we cater our engagement to meet your specific goals, but these are some of the topics we consult on:

  • Adaptive systems and structures for empowering leadership
  • How the “fivefold ministry” structure (Ephesians 4) can transform the church
  • Learning to embrace conflict for transformation
  • Discerning the “key practices” that will seed your church for transformation

We offer a variety of retreats and workshops, designed to introduce a church to something new by taking one aspect of our leadership training and doing a deep dive into teaching and training around that topic.

Our workshops aren’t just teaching and taking notes. We work hard to activate participants in doing, not just listening. Trying stuff, not just hearing stuff. We offer teaching and training, strategy and tactics, information and an opportunity for imitation.

Our workshops include:

  • Spiritual Formation Through the Enneagram
  • Connect and Empower: Parenting in Grace and Truth
  • How to Do Evangelism in Post-Christendom
  • Church in the Wild: Being the People of God When We’re Not in Charge Anymore