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The Intersection Conference is a missional greenhouse for Anglican leaders who want to engage culture. Each year, this group of leaders will exchange ideas, share strategies for disciple-making in a post-Christian North America, and explore new ways of re-missioning the Church. The conference will also birth Learning Communities, local vehicles for continuing the conversation about mission in contemporary culture.

Each Intersection Conference will explore a core element of mission, and discuss the other elements in relation to it.

  • 2017: Gospel
  • 2018: Culture
  • 2019: Missional Ecclesiology
  • 2020: Missional Leadership
  • 2021: God’s Empowering Presence


Northern Seminary, Lisle, Illinois
May 17-19, 2018

Theme: Engaging Culture: An Inter-Disciplinary Conversation



May 17-19, 2018.


Northern Seminary
410 Warrenville Road
Lisle, IL 60532

Theme: Engaging Culture: An Inter-Disciplinary Conversation

7 Speakers.

7 Diverse Panel Discussions.

3 Collaborative Cohorts.

150 missional minds.

We’re passionate about thinking across boundaries to create something new, so we asked seven speakers to explore key areas of cultural engagement in today’s landscape. After each speaker, a panel of diverse thinkers will engage the concepts, interweaving approaches to Anglican practice and perspective. Attendees will then discuss practical implications in cohort groups.


Scot McKnight
Topic | Bible
A Biblical Foundation to the Culture Conversation


Jennifer McBride
Topic | Witness
Repentance and Humility as Political Witness


David Fitch
Topic | Theology
Past and Present Proposals on the Intersection of Church and Culture


Esau McCaulley
Topic | Multiculturalism
Multiculturalism and the Church


William Cavanaugh
Topic | Worship
No Such Thing as Atheism: Secularization and Idolatry


Kyuboem Lee
Topic | Justice
The Practice of Eucharist to Shape a Justice-Oriented People


W. David O. Taylor
Topic | Arts
The Dynamic Relationship Between Art and Mission


Bishop Todd Hunter
Host and Moderator



The conference will begin Thursday, May 17, at 3pm. We suggest flying into O’Hare International Airport or Midway Airport (both equidistant from the city of Lisle) on Thursday morning. The conference will end at noon on Saturday, May 19. We suggest flying out Saturday afternoon.


Registration cost for the conference is $200. The registration cost offsets overhead such as travel and honorariums and includes dinner on Thursday, lunch/dinner on Friday, and food/snacks throughout the conference. Scholarships are available upon request.


Information on hotel rooms coming February 1.

Application Process

If you attended the 2017 Intersection Conference, you don’t have to re-apply to attend the 2018 conference. All you need to do is let us know that you are planning on attending this year.

If you didn’t attend the 2017 Intersection Conference, please click the “Apply Now” button below to apply to attend the 2018 conference. We are asking for applications to ensure participants have the time and capacity for active missional engagement, both individually and as a group. Bishop Todd Hunter will review each application and respond within a week of receiving it.

We hope you’ll make plans to meet us at #intersection18!

For those who have never applied and didn’t attend last year, apply below:


For those who applied and attended last year, let us know that you are coming below:


At the conference, I was challenged to think more creatively about what it means to take the best of Anglicanism out into the world.

2017 Conference Attendee

Our church staff has spent a good amount of time talking through some of the themes from the Intersection Conference and how they complement, add to and stretch what has already begun in our midst.

2017 Conference Attendee

At the Intersection Conference, I realized I was experiencing the true gift of Anglicanism; I experienced diversity of worship and culture tied together through an understanding of liturgy, Word, and Sacrament.

2017 Conference Attendee