At the beginning of September, we kicked off Season 2 of the Intersection Podcast—and our new twice-monthly rhythm. The first podcast episode of the month featured an interview with a high-level thinker. This second episode of the month features on-the-ground practitioners engaging with the concepts from the first podcast. We hope you enjoy this second episode.

On Episode 2, “Missional Ecclesiology on the Ground: 3 Practitioners’ Perspectives,” we flesh out the insights from Episode 1’s interview with Bishop Todd Hunter with the help of three practitioners, the Rev. Matt Tebbe, the Rev. Ben Sternke, and the Rev. Shawn McCain. These leaders apply missional ecclesiology to everyday life, discussing how mission fits into their churches, the role of imagination in a sacramental presence, and how they are thinking deeply about the concept of the Church.

Our host, the Rev. Erik Willits, begins by asking our three interviewees to share their stories: how and why they are planting churches and what sparks their sacramental imagination for mission in the world.

The middle of the podcast explores the Eucharist as the focal point of church, and how we can extend the table into our neighborhoods. We talk about the hospitality piece and the idea of becoming a sacrament in and of ourselves for the sake of others.

We can’t have an ecclesiology without Eucharist.

The last portion of the podcast goes into detail about what sacramental mission looks like in real life contexts. Our discussion also touches on missional challenges and cultural liturgies. We conclude the podcast by talking about why Telos Collective leaders can all be on the same team, even if our Sunday practices look very different.

What does it mean that we are dripping with the water of our baptism into the streets?

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