Missional Leadership on the Ground: Three Practitioners Respond to Esau McCaulley

Bonus episode!  In response to Esau McCaulley’s thoughts on Episode 6, “A Holistic Vision for Missional Leadership,” three practitioners from the Telos Collective team share what missional leadership means to them and how they live it out in their own contexts.

On the first half of the podcast, Ben Sternke, Shawn McCain and our now-Executive Director JR Rozko discuss:

  • What it means to be missional
  • Our role in mission
  • Why participation is key
  • How formation brings clarity to mission

Missional Leadership opens up space for us and others to participate in the life and mission of God.

On the second half of the podcast, the conversation turns to:

  • Defining the mission of God
  • The first step to leading others into God’s mission
  • The meaning of “sentness” and how the liturgy fits in
  • What presence and posture have to do with mission
  • How to recognize missional progress

The first step is to learn how God is already present and at work in my actual life right now.

Resources Mentioned

Missio Alliance

Gravity Leadership

Gravity Leadership Podcast

The Always Forward Podcast

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