Practices of Formation for the Missional Leader

As part of our “Missional Leadership in a Time of Uncertainty” series, our host Erik Willits interviews Bishop Todd Hunter and two practitioners—the Very Rev. Canon Dr. Kris McDaniel and the Rev. Dr. JR Rozko—to get honest, on-the-ground perspectives on what spiritual formation looks like during a pandemic. These three leaders share what has shifted in their own lives during the last eight weeks, what they are noticing about their own responses, and the practices they are finding most helpful.

The first half of the podcast includes:

  • Augmented spiritual rhythms for a pandemic
  • What has shifted and what has stayed the same
  • The art of responding rather than reacting
  • Why “pushing through” isn’t the answer
I sensed the Lord inviting me to submit to a pruning.—Kris McDaniel

On the second half of the podcast, our friends discuss:

  • Why creating inner space is key
  • What bridges the gap from intention to action
  • Top book recommendations on spiritual formation
I’ve been forced into rhythms of tending to the present.—JR Rozko

Resources Mentioned

Poet Sara Bourns “Exposed



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